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  • #almaevent

    Alma Event in Rixos Borjomi

    17 Nov, 2016 More
  • Advertising Company “Alma” is building modern technologies printing house

    Advertising company "Alma" expands the production and builds the latest technologies printing house nearby the territory of Bacteriophage.

    12 Aug, 2016 More
  • The Company "Alma-Transport" LTD will install 700 new bus stop construction throughout the city.

    Head of Tbilisi City Hall Property Management Agency Carlo Lapheradze met the winner Company in the auction’s director of "Alma-transport" LTD Giorgi Trapaidze.

    30 May, 2016 More
  • New advertising spaces in Zugdidi

    Alma added new advertising locations in Zugdidi and offers you the best location.

    23 Dec, 2015 More

    Airport tbilisi

    28 Aug, 2015 More
  • High quality print services

    The advertising company "Alma” offers you modern

    5 Feb, 2015 More
  • Alma offers new advertising locations at Batumi International Airport

    Alma offers outdoor and indoor...

    29 Oct, 2014 More
  • New Advertising spaces in Kutaisi Airport 

    New Advertising networks in Kutaisi Airport

    13 Oct, 2014 More
  • Billboards in Marneuli’s central areas

    If you wish to place outdoor advertisement in Marneuli follow the link to view new billboards

    1 Oct, 2014 More
  • Outdoor advertisement in Kutaisi

    Should you wish to place your advertisement in Kutaisi, please visit our site and see new locations.

    22 Sep, 2014 More
  • Alma offers a seasonal discount for the below mentioned unipoles:

    Alma offers a seasonal discount for the below mentioned unipoles:

    9 Sep, 2014 More
  • ALMA Twitter

    5 Sep, 2014 More
  • website Alma

    website Alma presentation

    27 Aug, 2014 More
  • "Alma" Facebook

    "Alma" Facebook

    26 Aug, 2014 More
  • Alma Ltd won a tender

    Alma Ltd won a tender and on 22 April, 2014 was awarded a contract with the exclusive rights for advertising service at David the Builder Kutaisi Airport.

    26 May, 2014 More